Betting on Bama, was worth the risk

For the past five years or so I’ve paid attention to the odds in Vegas, and I’ve learned a lot about the art of handicapping. What I know for sure is, just like in most things, when you do your homework; you’ve got a better chance at being successful. Of course, that does not mean you’re guaranteed a win but at least when you lose, you’ll know that you gave it your best shot. Nothing are certain and even the best of the best can end up on the losing side of the bet.
Take last night’s national championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Georgia was winning for much of the game, and I had a ticket with Alabama’s name on it. Throughout the game, I could have second guessed myself and wondered why I chose the side I did, but I had done my homework and I would not have bet differently even if given the chance to do it all over again. When I put my money down on Alabama, I felt that I had done my homework and felt confident they had a good chance to cover the four-point spread.

I gained a new found respect for Alabama last night.  Not once did I waiver, and I would not have traded in my ticket either.  Sure there were times when it looked like they would lose the game, and in the end they did not cover but they did win the game, missed a push by just one point, and played the second half with a hunger I had not seen from this team, ever.  I had, over the years, grown to dislike Alabama because I am a fan of underdogs and thought Nick Saban always won, a bit like the Yankees.  That’s the main reason I did not bet against him, but last night he showed me something that caused me to be glad Alabama won, and it had nothing to do with betting.

Last night, Nick Saban showed that he cared about the lessons, the team, and I think even he was surprised that at the end of the game it wasn’t so much about the score but the feeling he got when he knew he had done his best.  Sure this site is about betting but truth is there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve done your best.  So in life, and in sports betting, do your homework, be mindful and know that there’s always that chance that you might not come out on top.  Only, if you stay humble and don’t get over-confident, and do your homework, there’s a good chance you’ll walk away feeling good.

Remember to bet with your head and not over it unless you can afford to lose your shirt!



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This just in from Pamela Michelle aka @SportyDiva #NFL #Saints

If you listened to last night’s segment of BetsLikeAGirl, you already know Pam’s on the Saints this weekend.  Here’s why:

“The Jets and Saints are both coming off of losses last week.  The Jets were shut out in Denvery, and lost quarterback Josh McCown for the rest of the season, after he suffered a broken hand.  The Saints let their Thursday night game in Atlanta slip away when Drew Brees was intercepted in the end zone with less than two minutes remaining, when they were down by just three points.  New Orleans must take care of business against a Jets team that will be lead on offense by Bryce Petty a quarterback making his fifth career start.  The running game might be a key for both teams.  The Saints’ running back, Alvin Kamara has cleared the concussion protocol after suffering a concussion last week in the game against the Falcons, and is expected to play against the Jets.  For the Jets Bilal Powell will have to come up big as the Jets lead rusher.  Especially with Matt Forte (knee) and Elijah McGuire (ankle) are dealing with injuries.  Even if either plays on Sunday, they figure to be limited to some degree.  New Orleans hasn’t exactly shut down teams on the ground.  The Saints have allowed either of their 13 opponents to run for more than 100 yars.  They are 5-3 in those games, but also are coming off their best showing against the run.  I like the Saints to cover and predict the score to be Jets 34- Saints 10.” – Pamela


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I knew it was going ‘Under’ the minute he spoke about history …

So I just finished watching the Army – Navy game and although I had predicted the total going over 44 before the snow fell, I have a feeling that it was going to fall under, the minute Andy Iskoe brought up the history of the games.  In doing my preparation for the BetsLikeAGirl, segment this week, I had focused on Ohio U and the upcoming bowl game in the Bahamas, and so when I realized I needed to pick a game that was going to take place this weekend, I did a quick anaylsis of the Army-Navy game, but failed to check the history of the historical matchups.  As I was sharing my thoughts during the segment, Andy brought up the history of the matchup, and I felt that I should have incorporated this into my analysis.  In fact, I wanted to change my mind, and say, “Wait, I think the game is going to go under, based on what Andy just shared, but that would be so like a girl to change her mind …” So I kept quiet, and stuck with my pick for the game, all the while thinking, it’s going to fall under!

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This weekend’s picks

Tune in to this week’s episode of

at 7 pm pst for one hour of fun with @SportSXMichelle and @SportyDiva to hear Pam’s NFL picks, and Michelle’s thoughts on this weekend’s games.  Michelle is on the Los Angeles Rams (-3 1/2), Philadelphia Eagles (-7 1/2), and for college games she’s on Wake Forest (+14 1/2), and Maryland (-2 1/2).

Good luck this weekend.  Remember if you decide to bet, be careful not to lose your shirt! Bet with money you can afford to lose!!

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We’re about to go “live” on AM 720 KDWN #betslikeagirl on deck!

If you’re in the Vegas area, you can likely hear us on AM 720 KDWN at 7 pm PST.  If you’re outside the listening area, you can access the “live” show via  

We want to hear from you about #HalloweenCostumes and your #NFL picks, thoughts on #MLB World Series, #CFB, #NBA, #NHL …. #WannaBet ??? Let’s #getlucky tonight!  Call us at 702-257-KDWN


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Today’s Parlay #CFB

Games I’m looking at include UCLA vs Stanford.  Initial thoughts are that UCLA will want this one, and they are favored by seven, at +240 over at William Hill.  Notre Dame is favored by 3 1/2 over Michigan State, at Michigan State.  While I think ND might come out on top, I’m thinking the play might be Michigan State, because there’s always a chance, and with Sparty at home, +155 (WH), it could be an option on the parlay.  Iowa is +400, against Penn State and PSU is favored by 12 1/2, which they should cover but might be fun to see what happens with Iowa on the ticket.  Mississippi State, is +4 against Georgia, so that’s another game, I might look to include.  Doing my homework, checking it twice.  God Bless Saturday!

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Here’s last week’s #TNF pick unchanged

Each week I write an article for Gaming Today, a popular newspaper published here in Las Vegas.  This week, I forgot to hit send, and my article never made it to the publisher.  Just wanted you to see, thoughts on my mind, before last week’s #TNF game.  Was I right?

Rams head out on the road, looking to strike gold in Niner Country

By Michelle Sports X

Sometimes I get a good feeling when I look at a matchup and I know right away which side I want to be on. That’s not to say I don’t do my homework, but my gut feeling, when it’s strong, very often tends to be right. Only this week, I have none of those ‘warm and fuzzies’ for either team. Only somebody’s got to come out on top, and since I am charged with writing about Thursday night football, I need to decide which team has the edge in this matchup. Dare, I say neither?

Truly this one can go either way, and it’s sort of like deciding whether you want to put your money on ‘Red or Black’ because it’s going to be a toss up. So far this year, the Rams have dominated the Colts in Week One, and fallen short to the Washington Redskins in Week Two. The Niners, on the other hand, have yet to win a game. Only last week, they held the Seattle Seahawks to a total of twelve points. Only problem is they scored less than that, and did not take advantage of the opportunity.

Something to note that might be significant is that last year the Niners won two games, and both of them were to the Rams. In both of those games, the Niners scored more than twenty, not much more mind you, but more.

So what’s on tap for this week’s Thursday night game? At the time of this writing the game is pretty close to even with the Rams -2 ½ favorites. The total opened at 42 and has dropped a bit to 40 at most books. As much as I hate to play against the ‘Over’ this is likely to be a relatively low scoring game. How low? Not too sure, so I think it’s wise to stay away from the total, and look for the Niners to come out victorious. Why? They are home, they know they can beat this team, and they need to win. Nobody wan

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