Betting on Bama, was worth the risk

For the past five years or so I’ve paid attention to the odds in Vegas, and I’ve learned a lot about the art of handicapping. What I know for sure is, just like in most things, when you do your homework; you’ve got a better chance at being successful. Of course, that does not mean you’re guaranteed a win but at least when you lose, you’ll know that you gave it your best shot. Nothing are certain and even the best of the best can end up on the losing side of the bet.
Take last night’s national championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Georgia was winning for much of the game, and I had a ticket with Alabama’s name on it. Throughout the game, I could have second guessed myself and wondered why I chose the side I did, but I had done my homework and I would not have bet differently even if given the chance to do it all over again. When I put my money down on Alabama, I felt that I had done my homework and felt confident they had a good chance to cover the four-point spread.

I gained a new found respect for Alabama last night.  Not once did I waiver, and I would not have traded in my ticket either.  Sure there were times when it looked like they would lose the game, and in the end they did not cover but they did win the game, missed a push by just one point, and played the second half with a hunger I had not seen from this team, ever.  I had, over the years, grown to dislike Alabama because I am a fan of underdogs and thought Nick Saban always won, a bit like the Yankees.  That’s the main reason I did not bet against him, but last night he showed me something that caused me to be glad Alabama won, and it had nothing to do with betting.

Last night, Nick Saban showed that he cared about the lessons, the team, and I think even he was surprised that at the end of the game it wasn’t so much about the score but the feeling he got when he knew he had done his best.  Sure this site is about betting but truth is there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve done your best.  So in life, and in sports betting, do your homework, be mindful and know that there’s always that chance that you might not come out on top.  Only, if you stay humble and don’t get over-confident, and do your homework, there’s a good chance you’ll walk away feeling good.

Remember to bet with your head and not over it unless you can afford to lose your shirt!



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