I knew it was going ‘Under’ the minute he spoke about history …

So I just finished watching the Army – Navy game and although I had predicted the total going over 44 before the snow fell, I have a feeling that it was going to fall under, the minute Andy Iskoe brought up the history of the games.  In doing my preparation for the BetsLikeAGirl, segment this week, I had focused on Ohio U and the upcoming bowl game in the Bahamas, and so when I realized I needed to pick a game that was going to take place this weekend, I did a quick anaylsis of the Army-Navy game, but failed to check the history of the historical matchups.  As I was sharing my thoughts during the segment, Andy brought up the history of the matchup, and I felt that I should have incorporated this into my analysis.  In fact, I wanted to change my mind, and say, “Wait, I think the game is going to go under, based on what Andy just shared, but that would be so like a girl to change her mind …” So I kept quiet, and stuck with my pick for the game, all the while thinking, it’s going to fall under!

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